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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> we have not had any other issues. i have been available how-to to her at all times. i have been on the phone and just the sound to make sure she was ok with it. i did everything i could to work with her in the process. >> i want the staff to really consider temporary permits until this is nailed down. >> the conditions from the police department, it shall be maintained as a bona fide food restaurant. that is really between them. that is your obligation, but there are a couple of
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conditions that i think are useful and meaningful. the entertainment allowed after 1:30. it is a standard condition. they shall install surveillance cameras and maintain adequate lighting both outside and inside. i do think he needs some lighting outside. she will provide a monthly calendar of the events and would you also like to receive a monthly calendar? >> it is simple to achieve. >> there are at least four conditions i would like to see added to the good neighbor policy. >> any other public comment?
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i think we are done. commissioners? in discussion? do we have a motion? >> i would move for conditional approval with the understanding that we accept the police department's conditions. >> second. >> call the roll, please. [roll call vote] [ayes are unanimous] >> 7e. thrid degree -- third degree. place of entertainment. >> this is an applicant for a permit under the planning code section 2 05 0.3.
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to do entertainment at this location 12 times a year. this is a medium-sized restaurant and will have live bands, and who deejays, and karaoke. we have recommended approval with 13 conditions. the one we have spoken about previously. they have regarded the 12 times a year temporary use. this may need further clarification, but hopefully, it is somewhat unclear. certainly, i am sure he might at some flourished to my report.
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>> commissioners, i am here with my client that owns and operates a restaurant down near the park near townshend. these restaurants are doing pretty well. they are rock-and-roll in down there. this is a slightly odd one in that the south of market got a zone to disallow or basically disallow entertainment usages. and when they did that, they put in this to a 5.3 planning code that allows temporary usage of entertainment. what we have done in the past, and what we would like to do in
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this situation, it allows the owner of the business to do new year's eve and some big parties. back to the issue at hand, i think the commissioner like this. this includes three neighborhood groups and some residents. pretty much every neighbor with in the buildings of every direction. we have gone to those people and talk to them about the operation and what we would like to do. and as for a business card. my clients are available for any questions and to request a conditional. >> any questions of the applicants? >> how expensive is it?
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>> it is huge. >> i am confused. no new permits are being issued? >> the same is considered. those are the greater part of south of market. >> i don't want to keep us all night, but to explain why we are undergoing a rezoning process, what we have is a mixed use neighborhood. it is much more cut and dry in other parts of the city where there are primarily residential areas and where it is not allowed at all. there are commercial districts where entertainment is encouraged.
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i try to strike a balance between the neighbors and the commercial interests. what they decided was to make entertainment a non permit use but to grandfather in a whole existing establishment. that is why we have what we have right now. that has loosened up somewhat, but for the time being, they are yet -- utilizing the rent party exemption. and you can continue to represent your clients with all the trouble that the police continue to give when people try to use the party. >> why is this necessary? it is necessary because the
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patrol officers who don't care about horgan's. this is sort of jumping through the hoop who have something on the ground to keep your christmas party from being shut down. >> it is not a bad practice in regard to having [unintelligible] 10 of the this venue is properly inspected by other departments. >> under our jurisdiction. >> any questions from the commissioners? any public comment or the police department?
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>> you're going to revise the good neighbor policy. >> that will certainly be implemented. when i was reviewing the application, they were not clear about question no. 16. i want the applicant in his own words to answer the question because if you have a license that allows all ages, it says only for schools. i wanted to clarify that and explain how they will implement that.
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and as did that before the commission can address it. >> for the 18 end of the events, we are looking to do a close the event if the schools come to us and say they needed a vent for their high school or for their college group. those are the events we are looking to do, but it will not be open to the public. there will be no alcohol served at all. it will basically be a juice bar. the 18 and up would not be allowed to buy any alcohol. >> you mean like,? >> correct. -- >> you mean like a prom?
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>> correct. we would like to leave that option open and allow them to do their event at our place. >> is that a satisfactory response? >> this evening, since i have not received an e-mail or anything in writing, we will have the applicant write it on the application. i hope that is okay. i know that they will be using promoters, said that same item regarding promoters is in the application.
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>> any questions for the officer? >> any public comment on this item? the matter is with the commission. commissioners? >> i would move to approve this with the addition of the permissions of the southern station, a correction of the good neighbor policy that applies. otherwise, what the officer included. >> i second. [roll call vote] [ayes are unanimous] president newlin: thank you and
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good luck. comments and questions? anybody have something that we could not have possibly discussed already? [laughter] >> i have two things. i would be great if the security plan was a little more customized the each of venue. i have it memorized. the next time you run into them, would you mention in? and i just want to wish you will live very happy and healthy holiday. merry christmas ,happy kwanzaa, we already have a hot cup. -- hannukah.
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>> i want to say something about the commission packets. if it is really the case that the e-mail system cannot handle what your sending us, if there is some way that we can get a hard copy, and i can't say all the time, but can you put this in the mail on friday and maybe we would all have it by monday or earlier? tenth street -- i would like to find some way to be able to review all of this. if you could maybe e-mail that to us, we shouldn't see this
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stuff for the first time. >> i apologize if that is what happened this evening. i am not going to necessarily offer by and for mail delivery, but i would use the united states postal service. >> do we have any special precautions we are doing? >> we can assist them in creating a comprehensive list of events that we know about. i believe that they will be out in force on new year's eve.
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in to be in as many places as possible. as we have been receiving any special permits, that will also be on that list. it will be comprehensive by christmas had we will add anything extra. i don't believe we have seen anything of the ordinary or unusual being promoted for new year's that we haven't seen in the past. it will be a very busy evening and will a lot like halloween. it is the whole weekend of events. we will see parties in city hall and then all of the hotels. there is a few going later than normal, but those are permitted in the police are giving notice that we are working through any
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concerns they might have. i hope that answers to your question. the often do they need to be aware of anything, just to be proactive? to have to do with security, and noise, and stuff like that? >> that is a really good idea. what we have done a is wherecma withc -- is work with cmac. what happened on halloween was a panel that was put together to remind the news of what we expect of them. hopefully, that message is clear. if we can muster the resources, we will try to do that.
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>> new business requests? >> are we stuck at this time frame? is the question regarding start time for the meeting? >> i don't believe there are any free rooms available that allow us to televise any earlier. we would put in their request again. it is a tremendous amount that needs here. given all the time it took to find this one -- >> i thought i would just ask. >> the room seems to be available. but beginning at 630, is that
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the case? >> the meeting before you sometimes ends earlier. it was not the televising. this room is one that allows for it to be televised. >> we pick the time frame are we can be consistent with our meetings. it would have been different times in different rooms. if the commission wants to revisit that, i think the consistency is good. but i am open. >> it does not seem that this room is being used prior to the 6:30 start time.
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if what ever had been scheduled ahead of us is no longer meeting -- >> they are meeting. they were just at the end of their time frame. it is not inconsistent thing. >> this meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> we are joined today by president reilly, vice president clyde, commissioner o'brien, and commissioner kathleen dooley is excused. we have established forum. item number two, presentation of the small business certificate of honor recognizing mayor gavin newsom for his contributions to
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the small-business community. >> the mayor could not make it, so we still wanted to publicly recognize him. first, we wanted to congratulate mayor gavin newsom on his election. before he leaves office, the commission is pleased to honor and recognize his work and commitment to small business. the commission appreciates the comprehensive approach to running and governing san francisco. to his focus on improving our schools to public arts, from healthy foods to a healthy environment, from gay marriage to sunday streets, all of these initiatives have a great benefits to the economy and
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small business. this evening the small business commission wants to take the time to reflect on a few key initiatives that have helped sustain the diverse economy of san francisco's small business, and that is quite a few. he co-sponsored legislation that -- and he established an economic development unit with the neighborhood initiative and the communities benefit district. we have seen the great results of the neighborhood marketplace initiatives, and it has been a critical program to maintaining commercial corridors during this economic crisis. in 2007, they created the small
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business center. the center has over 6000 clients, and for many of them, english is not their first language, and they would not be reaching out for assistance if not for the small business assistance center. he also raise the exemption for the first time in 20 years from 100,000 to 250,000. in response to the economic crisis, they have reactivated the revolving loan fund. they have 20 loans totaling about 400,000, and this year they have also established the central market loan fund, which is 11.5 million. due to the mayor's leadership,
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san francisco aggressively developed the stimulus fund and then employed over 4000 san franciscans. they utilize tax credit, resulting in an increase and engaging in traffic. in 2004, there were two biotech companies in the city. today there are 73. we're hoping to not have a
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misguided cost. green business has greatly grown and is highly sought after with small businesses. launching the initiative to boost the restaurant industry and reduce the opening cost for restaurant owners. this has been of great economic generator for small businesses, and as a result of leadership, san francisco's small business week is the largest outside of the sea. small business had nearly 3000 purchase of -- outside of washington, d.c. we look forward to the opportunities to work to improve the business climate for small businesses at the state level.
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we greatly appreciate his attention and focus on the importance of small businesses to our economy. thank you. next item please. >> item 3 is the approval of the 2010 meeting minutes, explanatory document of the draft. >> i moved. those in favor? >> aye. >> next item. >> approval of the 2004 minutes. was that commissioner o'brien?
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>> those in favor? >> aye. >> #5, the general public comment. this allows members of the public to comment generally and to suggest new items for future consideration. >> public comment? public comment is clothes. >> item 6, discretion to make a recommendation to the board of supervisors on file #10531. this ordinance is to establish the local hiring policy for requirements requiring
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contractors to perform work hours using residents. they succeed requirements. mandating liquidation against contractors who fail to make minimal requirements and administrative procedures in support of the policy. we have the response followed by the task force responds along with the file and the legislative digest. also, this item was heard at the legislative and policy committee as noted in the


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